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The monthly meetups for Java professionals who would like to be interactive and allow technology enthusiasts to learn from other professionals, have questions answered in real-time, discover new tech and solutions.


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Reactive for the Impatient (A Gentle Intro)


This talk presents to the audience a few of the major Java-based reactive frameworks and toolkits in the market today, such as RxJava, Spring Reactor, Akka, and Vert,x. It will start by going over the basic tenets of reactive systems, and some examples of the problems that these systems aim to solve. It will discuss the 2 most commonly used Java frameworks for implementing reactive coding - RxJava and Spring Reactor, and will show some code samples.

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Teach Your Pacman to play with ML and Reactive Streams


Today the adoption of Machine Learning is enormous. We use it almost everywhere: on clusters, on our phones, on hand watches and even on the teapots. But, who knows how challenging could be the development of the continuously improved (or even real-time) machine learning. Servers' capacity, stability, performance, along with a proper ML algorithm selection and many other properties must be taken into account. In this presentation, we will be demonstrating bots education for multiplayer Pacman game.


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