CoffeeJug: April'21

By Mark Heckler
MarkHecklerProfilePic2019 - Mark Heckler
15th April

Spring Boot Omakase: A fast-paced "chef’s choice" dive into fun & useful topics!

Spring Boot has revolutionized the Java space and continues to do so, evolving constantly to increase developers' superpowers and advance the state of production-grade software development.
Presenting a dynamic technology before vastly different audiences often limits what can be proposed & presented. Let’s fix that!
This session is an omakase, a "chef’s choice" of key points and the latest/coolest capabilities for developers in the Spring Boot ecosystem. Known by French chefs as m’étonner ("Astonish me!"), the goal is to combine useful patterns and new possibilities in one fast-paced live-coding adventure from which everyone leaves with something tasty to chew on. Come for the apps, stay for dessert, leave satisfied & excited for the next "course" of production software!