CoffeeJug: July'21

By Marcin Grzejszczak
mgrzejszczak - Marcin Grzejszczak.jpeg
15th July

Tracing Issues in Your Application

Imagine that you’re receiving a support ticket that your application is not working fine. You read the attached stack trace and now it’s time to solve the mystery - what did the user do that led to throwing of this exception? Is it possible to find all the logs from all the applications that correspond to this user’s business operation? What if the user is complaining that the system is slow? How can you decide which concrete operation is the culprit? Is there any way to visualize the latency? Let’s answer these questions by taking a deep dive into application observability using distributed tracing, metrics, and correlated logs via Spring Cloud Sleuth, Tanzu Observability, OpenZipkin, OpenTelemetry, and more! The presentation will consist of some theory but there’ll also be live coding and demos.