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CoffeeJug: September'21

By Billy Korando
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30th September

To Java 17 and Beyond!

The next version of Java, 17, will be releasing soon and will mark a major point of change in the Java community as many organizations migrate to the latest Java runtime. So what has changed in Java if you are still primarily writing in Java 11? Or even Java 8? In this presentation we will look at some of the key changes that have been added to Java post-8. The large changes; the Module System and Records, quality of life improvements; var, text blocks, pattern matching, and the many performance and runtime improvements. We will finish the presentation with a brief look ahead to some of the changes that will be coming to Java in the near future and why Java’s future is bright.


To Java 17 and Beyond! by Billy Korando | CoffeeJUG

To Java 17 and Beyond! by Billy Korando | CoffeeJUG

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