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By Andrii Rodionov
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27 January

GraalVM Native Image Deep Dive


Cloud, microservices, serverless - these buzzwords bring GraalVM Native image to the top as a new form of Java apps distribution. It allows your apps to have fast startup time, quick scaling and not to depend on JRE. But most of the frameworks, libraries, and even Java platform itself doesn't fit well into Native image model. Who is to blame and what to do?
During this Deep dive talk we will discuss GraalVM Native image compilation steps, how they contradict with traditional development practices, and what you should consider to make your application ready for GraalVM Native image.

By Ihor Banadiga
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28 October

Keep Architecture Under Control

Architecture development takes a lot of time and effort. But only one wrong commit can lead to its destruction. To comply with the architecture, we spend a lot of time doing the code review and making sure that everyone follows our architecture principles. But, what if I tell you that most of what you check for code review can be done automatically? Join this talk and you will learn how to keep your architecture under control.



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